System for chimneys

Flexible TEXOFLEX-RF is drawn through the chimney outlet by using the mounting probe. The direction of installation should be taken into account, given the formed string at the duct bends. The string must be turned, in relation to the direction of flow of combustion products, as shown in the next figure.


Connections between flexible duct and rigid elements of the system are achieved by using the specially shaped clamps and silicone sealants. Due to the need of centering in the inside of chimney, for every 2.5 to 3.0 m of system length, the spacers are set (OD).

Due to the need of system ventilation, at the upper end of the chimney, an opening shall be left of max. 5 cm2, and at the bottom side of approximately 20 cm2.

The condensate collector (SK) with drainage hose is installed at the bottom of the system. The whole system is optionally supported on the telescopic support (TO). The system is applicable to a temperature of 160oC.

Cleaning of the system may only be carried out by using brushes made of non-metallic materials.