Bathroom floor drains

Floor drain are part of the bathroom fixture that we rarely think about and are often unaware of until we find that they are not performing their function, in the event of a flood or other unpleasant situation. The purpose of drains, therefore, comes down to their function, and thus they represent an extremely important, though ‘invisible’, element.

Designing and installing drains can be a real challenge in individual spaces. In order to function properly, the drainage system must fit perfectly with the floor surface and the layout of the bathroom elements – the sink, shower or bathtub drain and floor drain. As a rule, the drain grate is designed to be unobtrusive and practical – to letthe water drain and have the capacity to receive enough water in the event of an accident. Also, the design of the drain or drain grate must be practical in the sense that it allows for smooth movement throughout the bathroom and the day-to-day activities in it. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to follow certain rules and guidelines for the design and construction of the bathroom drainage system.

TEXO Stainless Steel Gutter Grid

TEXO Exclusive Gutter Grid

Texo floor drain horizontal

Texo floor drain vertical

Texo Floor Grid 15×15 Cast – Inox

Texo floor drain exclusive (vertical)

Texo floor drain exclusive (horizontal)

Texo floor drain with stainless steel grate horizontal

Texo floor drain with stainless steel grate vertical