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About company

The company was established in 1953, as a family business and small workshop. The company changed its name to Tehnoexport in 1992.

Tehnoexport is now a leading manufacturer company of HVAC products and systems and sanitary equipment.

Tehnoexport produces a wide range of HVAC products, starting like semi-flexible aluminum ducts, PVC ducts, non-insulated laminated and insulated ducts. It also produces different types of sound attenuators and accessories.

In additional, we also produce sanitary equipment, with wide range of flexible siphons, floor drains and bathroom accessories.

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There are more than 60 customers worldwide, at this moment

Tehnoexport brand is well known for the quality of its products and prompt supplies, hence. This is confirmed by its involvement in prestigious projects all over the world.

Tehnoexport quality is internationally recognized thanks to its collaboration with important HVAC distributors; recently Tehnoexport decided to approach the international market independently, offering competitive commercial conditions.

The success of our company is due to the strong and innovative organizational approach and to our staff’s international experience, professionalism and efficiency. The results achieved, only with the support of owners’ capitals, are the base of our future operational and financial growth.

THE Mission

A vision

The mission of the Tehnoexport company is to become a world-renowned company in the market of HVAC categories and sanitary programs, using modern, innovative and quality services for its customers, in order to create sustainable growth for the social community and its own organization.

The vision of the Tehnoexport company is to become a leader in the production and sale of flexible pipes for the needs of air conditioning and ventilation as well as sanitary programs on the EU market.