Kitchen sink siphon

Flexible wash basin siphon single bowl with plug and drain pipe rosetteare used for installation in all types of washbasin. Classic design and simplicity provide ease of use. The durability of thegrille and screw is guaranteed by the production of quality materials.////////////////

Main characteristics:

  • OVDE ISTO !!!!!Flexible PVC pipe 40mm in diameter, the interior is completely smooth, the exterior spirally twisted
  • Inlet connection with grate and sealing washer
  • Plug and drain pipe rosette
  • 40mm diameter adapter for 50mm sewer pipe and 29 /32mm lead drainage pipe5/4 ”


  • Name: Kitchen sink siphon
  • Ident: S11433
  • Connector: Single bowl
  • Overflow: No
  • Appearance: Classic
  • Material: flexible PVC pipe
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Adapter: 40mm
  • Box dimensions: 70x40x31
  • Pallet size: 800×1200 mm
  • Pieces / Box: 25
  • Box / pallet: 21
  • Barcode: 8605008315709
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