Flexible shower tub siphon LUX 60

Shower tub siphon LUX 60 is used for installation in all types of shower tubs.In addition to contemporary designed cover waste collection vessel integrated in the inlet connection, enables easy, fast and efficient cleaning.

Main characteristics:

  • Flexible PVC pipe diameter 40mm, with smooth interior and spiral wound corrugated exterior.
  • Inlet connection with chrome plated cover and waste cleaning vessel.
  • Adapter diameter 40mm for sewer pipe 50mm or adapter diameter 29/32mm for lead drain pipe 5/4“.


  • Name: Flexible shower tub siphon LUX 60
  • Ident: S11453
  • Connector: single bowl
  • Overflow: No
  • Appearance: Classic
  • Material: flexible PVC pipe
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Adapter: 40mm
  • Box dimensions: 700x400x310 mm
  • Pallet size: 800×1200 mm
  • Pieces / Box: 25
  • Box / pallet: 18
  • Barcode: 8605008311459
sifon 60
sifon tus kada