Drain connection for toilet bowl simplon excentric 200mm

The toilet bowl connection simplon excentric is used to connect the toilet bowl drains to the sewer opening. Compensates construction errors until 200 mm.

Main characteristics:

  • Toilet bowl excentric inflow pipe with sealing washer.
  • Sealing sleeves for sewer pipe diameter 100/110mm.


  • Name: Drain connection for toilet bowl simplon eccentric 200mm
  • Ident: S00043
  • Connector: Single bowl
  • Overflow: No
  • Appearance: Classic
  • Box dimensions: 800x400x360 mm
  • Pallet size: 800×1200 mm
  • Pieces / Box: 25
  • Box / pallet: 18
  • Barcode: 8605008300095
sifon wc