TEXO elastic siphon are used for installation in all types of wash basins, shower tub and bathroom cabinet giving your bathroom a modern look.

Stainless steel cover, beside modern design, has a function of a plug, i.e. sealing and water flow preventing (control of water outflow) what surely increases its functionality.

The wide application of TEXO flexible siphons is also present in the case of sinks with different widths of the opening, both single-part and two-piece. It equipped with modern grid strainer drain that serves as a plug/stopper, i.e. to prevent water flow and, also, provides sink cleaning function.

Advantages TEXO elastic siphon:

  • Easy, quick and simple installation
  • Resolve faulty in construction
  • Complete seal, which was confirmed by certificate
  • Very easy maintenance
  • The interior of the siphon is smooth, which prevents the retention of dirt and odors
  • The spiral is made of the original PVC
  • Nut and bolt are stainless steel
  • Sealing rubber is made of soft plastic, which unlike the rubber provides long-lasting durability.


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