The fans MM series – square with timer and moisture sensor (T-HCS)

The fans MM series are designed for the continuous or time ventilation of small or medium size premises, as well as the bathrooms or shops. Noiseless electric motor is produced with two row ball bearing that can guarantee 30.000 hours of operation when the fan is installed in horizontal or vertical positon. Fans are wall, ceiling or lowered ceiling –mounted. The fans MM series body, impeller or back daught shutter are made of high quality material. The impeller of electric motor is made of aluminium alloys, material resistant to heat what guarantees better cooling and protection against fire. IP32 protection class enables the fans to operate in highly wet and aggressive environments. The supply includes the diameters 100 and 120 mm. MM fan with the timer and moisure sensor (T-HCS) is equipped with indicator of moisture and timer.

a) When the moisture in the room exceeds 70%, the fan turns on and when the moisture in the room drops below 70%, the integrated timer provides the fan to operate for another 5 minutes.

b) Manually, at any moment, the integrated timer secures the fan to operate for another 5 minutes after the light is turned off and the moisture in the room below 70%.

V02152-MM120- Square fan Ø120 with back draught shutter and T-HCS