Elite fans

Texo Elite fans are designed for the continuous or time ventilation of small or medium size premises (bathrooms, halls and other premises). It is capable of discharging high quantities of foul smells and moisture from any room in a short time. It is manufactured of high quality materials – PVC material. It is equipped with almost noiseless electric motor as well as lightweight back draught shutter which prevents the entry of cold air and insects when the fan is turned off .

Texo Elite fan is manufactured in two versions: dia. 100 and dia.120 with or without timer. When pressing the switch of the fan with integrated timer the fan starts up and the integrated timer secures the fan operation for another 3-30 minutes after turning off the light or the switch. Packaging on pallets.

V02002 TEXO fan Ø120 with back draught shutter

V02003 TEXO fan Ø100 with back draught shutter and timer

V02004 TEXO fan Ø120 with back draught shutter and timer