Y branch


Y branch – vent box with three outlets for pipe


Material: TEXO vent boxes are made of ABS.

Application: Lightweight box used in air conditioning and ventilation central systems as connection between flexible TEXO pipe and ventilation grille. It is supplied in many combinations between pipe dimensions and grille dimensions. The box is made in black colour and it is not possible to be seen through the grille.

Advantages: The basic advantage of ABS TEXO vent box in comparison with metal box is less weight, better isolation (reduces the occurrence of condensate in service) as well as longer shelf life and resistance to corrosion.

IDENT Name  A B C Application inlet Application outlet
V03401 Y branch 485 425 190 Ø 102-200 Ø 102-200
V03402 Y branch 625 595 240 Ø 102-315 Ø 102-215