Material: Thick wall duct with incorporated spiral of hard PVC. The internal side is smooth and the external side is threaded. It is not resistant to abrasion, it is not antistatic nor resistant to oil.

Application: suction-discharge duct for the transport of liquids in irrigation systems, communal and road tankers.

temperaturaApplication temperature: -10°C to +60°C


Diameters: 20 mm to 125mm


Standard length: 3m,5m,10m,15m and 20m


Color: white+transparent


Ident: C07+diameter+length

Internal diameter ø=D / mm Name Standard length / m D number for length  20m ID number for length  15m ID number for length 10m
ID number for length 5 ID number for length 3m
20 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0702020 C0702015 C0702010 C070205 C070203
102 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0702220 C0702215 C0702210 C070225 C070223
112 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0702520 C0702515 C0702510 C070255 C070253
120 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0702820 C0702815 C0702810 C070285 C070283
127 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0703020 C0703015 C0703010 C070305 C070303
133 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0703520 C0703515 C0703510 C070355 C070353
140 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0704020 C0704015 C0704010 C0704010 C070403
152 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0704520 C0704515 C0704510 C070455 C070453
160 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0705020 C0705015 C0705010 C070505 C070503
165 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0705220 C0705215 C0705210 C070525 C070523
185 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0706020 C0706015 C0706010 C070605 C070603
203 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0706320 C0706315 C0706310 C070635 C070633
229 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0707020 C0707015 C0707010 C070705 C070703
254 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0707520 C0707515 C0707510 C070755 C070753
280 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0708020 C0708015 C0708010 C070805 C070803
305 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0709020 C0709015 C0709010 C070905 C070803
315 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0709020 C0709015 C0709010 C070905 C070903
356 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0710020 C0710015 C0710010 C071005 C071003
406 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0711020 C0711015 C0711010 C071105 C071103
457 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0712020 C0712015 C0712010 C071205 C071203
508 UP L=3,5,10,15,20 C0712520 C0712515 C0712510 C071255 C071253