Texoflex – EF




Texoflex – EF


TEXOFLEX-ELECTROFLEX –This Tehnoexport cable protecting duct is the combinaton of soft and hard PVC what provides both an exceptional flexibility and small specific gravity and very good mechanical properties and beautiful outer look. Minimal bending radius is equal to 1.5 Ds.
Material: Pipe is made of self-extinguishing material and it is resistant to the most of chemical substances, but not to oil.

temperaturaApplication temperature: -10°C to +60°C


Diameters: 11,13,15,16,18,20,22,25,28,30,32,35,40,45,50 and 60mm


Standard length:  20 m


Color: gray


Ident: C20+diameter

Int. dia. ø=D / mm Name Stan. leng. / m ID num. Int. dia. ø=D / mm Name Stan. leng. / m ID num.
11 EF L=20 C20011 11 MQ L=20 C28011
13 EF L=20 C20013 13 MQ L=20 C28013
15 EF L=20 C20015 15 MQ L=20 C28015
16 EF L=20 C20016 16 MQ L=20 C28016
18 EF L=20 C20018 18 MQ L=20 C28018
20 EF L=20 C20020 20 MQ L=20 C28020
22 EF L=20 C20022 22 MQ L=20 C28022
25 EF L=20 C20025 25 MQ L=20 C28025
28 EF L=20 C20028 28 MQ L=20 C28028
30 EF L=20 C20030 30 MQ L=20 C28030
32 EF L=20 C20032 32 MQ L=20 C28032
35 EF L=20 C20035 35 MQ L=20 C28035
40 EF L=20 C20040 40 MQ L=20 C28040
45 EF L=20 C20045 45 MQ L=20 C28045
50 EF L=20 C20050 50 MQ L=20 C28050
60 EF L=20 C20060 60 MQ L=20 C28060