Tehnoexport received a certificate from Bureau Veritas

The world’s leading compliance verification company Bureau Veritas has awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 certification to our company Tehnoexport.   The certification results were satisfactory and the certification team leader gave a positive recommendation for the issuance of the certificate.   The certificate refers to the design, development, manufacture and sale of air conditioning and…

Low shower siphon (Exclusive)

Low shower siphon

Low shower siphon is ideal for all types of bathrooms and showers. Modern design will make your bathroom looks stunning.

Niski-sifon-tuš-kade-ExclusivePlug on the siphon will prevent the water flow. Also, the functional inox plug is controlling the water flow in toilets and wc siphons. Besides siphon, you will also get an adapter for sewer pipe, or lead sanitary pipe. Flexible PVC duct is durable and reliable, and its flexibility guarantees comfortable installation.

Dante Kupatilski Set

Dante Six-Pieces Bathroom Set

Update the look of your home with this “Dante” Six-Pieces Bathroom Set. It has a contemporary feel that can complement your existing decor and make a stylish addition to your bathroom. The six-pieces bathroom accessory set are made of premium-quality chrome plated material that makes it highly durable, as well as resistant to corrosion and…