Kompanija - Tehnoexport - Sanitarije (sifoni, elastične veze, slivnici)
yearS of tradition
Starting of the Company dates back to 1953, when an independent craft shop was established as a family company. The name “Tehnoexport`` exists since 1992.
``Tehnoexport`` is a company engaged in the production.
The leading product lines are flexible siphons (siphons) and Flexible ducts.
Kompanija - Tehnoexport - Sanitarije (sifoni, elastične veze, slivnici)
``Tehnoexport`` successfully operates in Serbia, with a leading position,
and in the future, its business plans shall be mainly focused on foreign markets.
By achieving successful business results and building partnerships with foreign companies,
``Tehnoexport`` records economical growth each year, primarily through the placement of products in foreign markets.
Continuous successful business is due to the modern way of operation and business organization, implementation of international experience and know-how, as well as the professional staff that responds quickly and efficiently.
The results achieved have created the prerequisites for stable business operation of the company and its continual growth.

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